Terms & Condition

1. An amount equal to the fixed price of the product will be paid at the time of receiving the product. Delivery charges at the time of receiving the product.
2. Any issues arising in implementation will be resolved mutually discussion.

3. Documents will be received by selected representatives of Badsha Courier.

4. Badsha Courier is not responsible if the product in the package is rejected by the customer or if there is any problem with the product.

5. If the customer cancels the order for any reason after leaving the office for delivery, the fast courier service will not be responsible, and the delivery charge will be applicable.

6. If false order or unfounded customer is proved, delivery charge will be doubled and return charge will also be paid.

7. Illegally authorized goods are not acceptable in any way.

8. In case of natural calamities such as heavy rain, some changes in the delivery schedule are excluded which will be determined in consultation with the customer.

9. If the parcel is not handed over by 9 am, it will not be delivered on that day.

10. Additional charges apply for urgent delivery (within 12 hours).

11. The courier service will not be held accountable to the customer for the quality of the product and misbehavior with the delivery boy will not be tolerated in any way.

12. If the delivery address is wrong, the parcel will not be delivered in any way and if the customer asks for delivery to another address, then the fast courier service will not bear the responsibility of the delivery boy if the goods are lost.

13. In order to protect the goods, the merchant will pack with protection at his own responsibility.

14. If there are multiple parcels at the same address i.e. in the same flat, different charges are applicable.

15. Frozen Fruits, Fruits and Glossary items will not be delivered.

16. Parcel delivery charges in urban areas will be negotiated with the merchant after understanding the distance.

17. Delivery period: 24 Hours within after recapping of the parcel. In case of any interruption in normal activities due to unforeseen incident the company reserves right two change the delivery schedule with prior Intimation to the customer.

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